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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Aurorae's 12 Yoga Poses of Christmas - Day 7

Aurorae is proud to announce our "12 Yoga Poses of Christmas" in light of the holiday season.

Day 7 Yoga Pose: Warrior III (Virabhadrasana III)

From the Mountain pose, step the right foot about a foots length forward and shift all of your weight onto this leg. Inhale and lift your arms over your head and interlace the fingers, pointing the index finger up. As you exhale, lift your left leg up and out, hinging at the hips to lower the arms and torso down towards the floor. Look down at the floor and stare at a point for balance. Reach out through the left toes and the crown and fingers making one straight line. Inhale and hold for 2-6 breaths. To release, make sure to inhale the arms up to lower the leg back to the floor and step both feet together back into the mountain. Now repeat on the other side. The below image is two people doing the Warrior III pose together.

What are the benefits of the Warrior III pose?
  • It stretches the entire length of the spine
  • It exercises your pancreas, liver, spleen and nervous systems
  • It reduces symptoms of asthma
  • It perfects control and balance
  • It strengthens the heart muscle
  • It strengthens and firms your arms, hips, abdominal muscles, buttocks and upper thighs
  • It corrects poor posture
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Remember, "It's Your Yoga."
Relax, Enjoy and Namaste

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